Welcome to Hidden Villa

Becoming aware of the relationship of all living things to other living things is the key to knowing ourselves. It is the basis for understanding the intricate web of life. By what means can such experience be brought about? The challenge of the teacher is to set the stage so that this kind of learning can take place.

Josephine Duveneck
Educator, visionary and co-founder of Hidden Villa.

Hidden Villa's environmental education programs offer guided, hands-on explorations of nature that can inspire awe, curiosity and excitement in your students. These experiences help "set the stage" for important learning - discovering ecological concepts, making connections between farm animals and food, becoming more comfortable in nature and experiencing the power of cooperation, compassion and bravery. As the classroom teacher you are an integral and invaluable partner in this learning process.

The Hidden Villa Classroom offers a teachers three separate curricular resources that meet California Academic Standards while engaging students in hands-on learning. These curricula are designed to support teachers in educating future leaders who will be prepared to meet the environmental and social challenges tomorrow. The online classroom contains curriculum for Before and After Your Field Trip to Hidden Villa, Your School Garden, and English Language Learners, which simultaneously builds and reinforces language and science skills.

It is our hope that this resource will dramatically increase concept retention through applied learning that connects student experiences with their classroom lessons.

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